Systema in Life

The Systema is primarily a human science. It covers human behavior in the society, man’s behavior in emergency situations, man’s ability to manage his state of mind, his nervous system, his body in different situations.

We consider human behavior taken as a whole, not only just its one narrow aspect, such as self-defense, for example. Using the Systema, we can show you and teach you how to develop the qualities that will help you to navigate in any circumstances and will help you to find a way out of any situation.
From our site you will learn how to use the Systema to improve your health; the practical application of the Systema (that is self-defense); how you can apply knowledge of the Systema in sports, work with children and in other areas.

Following the Systema primarily involves learning the basic foundation, without which a man would not be able to train productively and to progress. The Systema is based on breathing and movement. Many people don’t take breathing very seriously, not realizing how crucial it can be. It is highly important for the practical application (self-defense), as it particularly requires combining the technical and the psychological aspects. It happens that people, who train in the gym quite successfully, cannot repeat the same moves in a real life situation. Psychologically these people are not ready for such a task. For our nervous system to be more flexible and be ready for proper operation and work in non-standard situations, so that we could act and make balanced decisions, it is very important to practice breathing.

We emphasize on the basis of the Systema as we see it as our priority. It is impossible to successfully advance both in the Systema and in real life without the basics, without fundamental knowledge.

It does not matter whether a person is training to prepare him/her for an event or for personal safety, or they like to do it for their own health, the foundation is still the same for everybody.